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  • Ingbjørn Refsdal
  • Christian Perrollet
  • Jerome DeLaCruz
  • Brett Doherty
  • Colin Dyer
  • Chris Houghton
  • Richard Gowland
  • Dwight Johnston
  • Brian Balmer
  • John Morgan
  • Nigel Robinson
  • Richard Pocock
  • Nabil Mourad
  • Matt Wood
  • Roald Gunnar Riise
  • Carlos Tan

Dear fellow integrity professional,

As you know all too well, integrity is not a new concept, nor is it particularly difficult to understand.

However, significant and persistent challenges remain in ensuring your asset and pipeline integrity strategy is a success both in design and in implementation.

During three months of in-depth research with the global oil and gas integrity community, we asked the industry for its views on this mission-critical subject.

What your peers agreed was that we’ve all seen enough flow charts, models and diagrams to know that building the framework isn’t necessarily the problem.

Indeed, their view was that most serious challenges often emerge only once you set about implementing your integrity plan - whether it be in an offshore installation or an onshore pipeline.

That’s why, when we asked them to identify the three critical success factors to making an integrity strategy truly successful, they identified:

  • Recognizing what makes the difference between a integrity strategy which looks good on paper and one which works in practice
  • Knowing which steps you can take - and which you need to avoid - to ensure that your integrity strategy becomes truly sustainable
  • And identifying how you really turn integrity management into a core value, rather than simply a priority

They told us that if we were able to create a platform which focused exclusively on these core issues, they would not only be interested in visiting it, but they would ensure their whole teams joined them.

So that is exactly what we did.

Through months of in-depth research, we worked with the global asset and pipeline integrity community to assemble a hand picked group of integrity authorities and to create the Asset Integrity Online Content Hub.

These authorities will cut through the clutter and share their insights into what’s really required to make your integrity strategy both successful and sustainable.

Each of the contributors to this unique online resource centre believe they have a story to tell, a lesson to share, or a case study to highlight which can help you achieve one of these core objectives.

So, if you combine this practical focus, with the level of expertise on offer, combined with an agenda which fits around your schedule – can you afford to miss this opportunity?

This essential online resource centre is 100% downloadable, and represents a revolutionary way of knowledge transfer and information exchange without you having to leave your desk - click here to find out how it all works.

Register today to make sure you are able to access the best practice of the world's leading integrity authorities.

We look forward to seeing you online.

Gareth Pearce
Global Director
Online Strategy and Business Development
Energy IQ


We know there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, so that’s why we have designed this unique online resource centre to deliver the world’s leading asset and pipeline integrity strategies direct to your desk.



That means no travel, no time out of the office, no prohibitive costs, but most importantly, no disruption to your already busy schedule.



Among the highlights:


  • Take a world-first opportunity to benchmark against the 10 critical elements SHELL’s global head of Asset Integrity believes your asset and pipeline integrity programme needs to include, from design to implementation to operations
  • Get a unique behind-the-scenes look at how STATOIL is planning for a major integrity strategy rollout as one of its leading Asset Integrity team shares how it plans to avoid the most common pitfalls across all of its facilities
  • Take advantage of a rare chance to quiz a unique panel of international integrity authorities from BP and SHELL on their view of the steps you need to take to ensure integrity success in your holistic operations
  • Understand the practical steps you can take to achieve consistent and sustainable integrity success across multiple countries from one of the core members of TOTAL's global Integrity team
  • Gain an essential insight into how you can turn asset and pipeline integrity from theory to reality by listening to international case studies from the regional AI focal points within CONOCOPHILLIPS and CHEVRON
  • Discover the secrets of what works – and what doesn’t – in delivering a sustainable and successful AIM strategy by learning from RASGAS, ADMA and ADCO’s experience in the Middle East
  • Gain insights into how you can achieve short, medium and long term success in making asset and pipeline integrity part of your company culture by learning from the integrity focal points from Australasian leaders PETRONAS and WOODSIDE


This online content hub has been created by oil and gas integrity professionals for oil and gas integrity professionals, and has been designed specifically to be as inclusive as possible and applicable for all levels of the business, from heads of departments to new entrants.


It is focused across the entire spectrum to address design integrity, technical integrity and operating integrity across all energy industry assets, from pipelines to process plants and everything in between.


The resource centre will have relevance for professionals responsible for integrity, safety, reliability, maintenance, operations, and risk.


This completely online resource will help you tackle the integrity challenge in your company with proven, world class asset integrity strategies delivered direct to your desktop by international experts sharing detailed case studies, how-to's and practical advice on addressing the very same integrity challenges you face day in, day out. What's more, you'll be able to do this without disrupting your schedule, while sitting at your desk.


This revolutionary format allows you to gain all of these insights from comforts of your home or office. No traveling expenses or timing conflicts. You access a world of international expertise using your computer or laptop.


This content hub contains 100% pre-recorded, unique content, so it's available ON DEMAND whenever you want to view it. By registering today, you'll have access to all 16 sessions to view at your convenience. By registering today, you will be able to access the content for up to a year after your registration.



You’ll be able to apply the practical lessons of your peers in the global energy industry to the work you are doing, without leaving your office. Over 16 exclusive case study sessions, you will be guided through a step-by-step approach to ensuring your company’s integrity management strategy is able to overcome the inhibitors to success.

With detailed slides accompanying each presentation, time between the sessions to think, discuss and plan, this unique online content hub is designed specifically to enable you to generate the maximum number of ideas, and actually implement them between sessions.


Simply register by clicking on any of the links throughout this page. Don't delay though, as we will be accepting new registrations for a strictly limited time only, after which, you will not be able to access this content.

How it Works

Is this the first time you are using an online content hub? Don’t worry, joining the rest of the global oil and gas integrity community could not be easier. Here’s how it works:


This online content hub showcases LIVE, real-time presentations.
Our entire speaker panel has already recorded their knowledge and expertise on asset integrity management in oil and gas and made it available direct to you via your computer. From your home or office, you can listen and watch the presentations ON DEMAND, when your schedule allows for up to a year, and benefit from the experience of speakers and other integrity professionals that share similar challenges.


Benefit from step by step presentations you can actually use

Most conferences or events suffer from the fact that presentations lack any real "take-aways" that you can apply in your own business. Each of the presentations in this online resource centre has specifically been designed to be as practical, applicable, and value adding as possible. This means you will be actually able to apply the lessons learned from these worldwide integrity specialists.


Think of it as an event which fits around your schedule
We understand that you don't have much time in your busy schedule, so we have designed this resource centre to accommodate you as best as we can.

In addition to delivering speakers from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East direct to you in your office, but we’re also making these presentations available for you to view when your schedule allows. You'll have access to everything on demand which means that the recordings will be available for you to view at any time.



Statoil’s step change in managing technical integrity: “The story so far”
Ingbjørn Refsdal

Statoil has recently undertaken the design and implementation of an extensive programme for technical integrity management on all onshore and offshore assets. This Technical Integrity Management Programme (TIMP) is a concept specifically designed to ensure complete control of technical integrity despite the challenges of having a wide range of information sources, lack of a uniform methodology to reflect actual condition of technical integrity and varying work processes, including roles and responsibilities. In exploring Statoil’s experiences to date on this journey, this presentation will outline:

  • Key success factors for the implementation of a complete technical integrity programme
  • Typical pitfalls and early roadblocks faced, and strategies to overcome them
  • Long term vision and future stages of the journey
Ingbjørn Refsdal, Vice President, STATOIL


Practical steps you can take to achieve asset integrity implementation success across multiple countries
Christian Perrollet

Asset integrity is not a new idea, and enough has already been said about the concept and the layout of a successful asset integrity framework to ensure that many companies have adopted similar approaches to conceptual design; it is in the implementation where the differences – and the biggest challenges – lie. This presentation will share Total’s approach to implementing a global asset integrity strategy in practice, and will include:

  • How you can develop a practical list of actions and deliverables to ensure success across disciplines
  • Steps you can take to ensure the consistent application of your plan in multiple geo markets
  • Measuring and monitoring performance across departments to maintain standards
Christian Perrollet, Senior Advisor, Integrity Management, TOTAL


A step by step guide to accelerating asset, pipeline and operating integrity in legacy assets
Jerome DeLaCruz

When any company acquires a portfolio of assets which have previously been designed, installed or operated by another company, the challenges of ensuring asset integrity success are amplified. Uneven integrity standards, a lack of reliable historical data, and evidence of underinvestment in integrity assurance are just the most obvious problems. Through its experience in turning around the integrity practices amongst a significant group of asset across the United States, ConocoPhillips has learned some valuable lessons. This presentation will shed light on how you can:

  • Fast track the identification of critical risk factors and take immediate action to reduce risk
  • Accelerate your ability to raise integrity standards in facilities with legacy issues
  • Identify and avoid the most common pitfalls in the integrity management of legacy assets
Jerome DeLaCruz, Asset and Operating Integrity Supervisor, CONOCOPHILLIPS


Managing integrity in a rapidly evolving business: An industry-leading best practice guide
Brett Doherty

Rasgas (A joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil) is one of the largest LNG producers in the world, expanding from producing 0 to 36m metric tons of gas annually in the space of just 12 years. The rapid growth required to achieve this output has required the equally rapid evolution of a fully integrated integrity management system. This presentation will share with you the lessons learned from this journey, and you will discover how you can:

  • Design, deploy and ensure the implementation success of a large-scale integrity programme in your operations
  • Overcome the key inhibitors to implementation success to ensure a successful and sustainable rollout
  • Build flexibility into your own integrity strategy to ensure it is able to adapt to the evolving demands of your own business.
Brett Doherty, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager, RASGAS


Panel discussion: Overcoming the most common inhibitors to integrity success in your operations
Colin Dyer
Chris Houghton

Asset integrity success is inherently difficult to achieve largely because it is not a visible entity, this makes consideration of the equally intangible concepts of change management, organizational buy-in and achieving sustainability even more important. AI programs which are designed without these three considerations at the core are destined to fail. So what can be done to avoid this unwelcome outcome? What steps can be taken to ensure that you avoid the most common inhibitors to asset integrity success. In this panel session - speaking from their own personal perspectives - three asset integrity experts will explore the solutions which in their personal opinions can – and must – be applied to ensure AI success in your company.

  • Making change a reality: How to drive the organizational and individual change required for integrity success
  • Securing and maintaining organizational buy in to secure full support for integrity activities
  • Overcoming the barriers to sustainable integrity success – dealing with the challenge of maintaining momentum
Colin Dyer, Asset Integrity Process Safety Manager, SHELL
Chris Houghton, Engineering Authority, BP


Enhancing safety critical systems to achieve asset integrity success
Richard Gowland

Safety critical systems represent one of the most central elements of both process safety management systems and asset integrity management systems. But there is a big difference between understanding the concepts and ensuring they work in reality. The European Process Safety Centre, a member organization including ExxonMobil, Repsol, BP, and Total, has been pooling collective best practice on this important area of process safety, and leveraging his involvement as Technical Director of the Centre and his extensive experience in introducing and ensuring the functionality of safety critical systems to improve integrity management at Dow Chemical, Richard will share insights into how you can:

  • Successfully apply safety critical systems to asset integrity management
  • Use layer of protection analysis to protect assets in the same way you would protect people and the environment
  • Apply , develop and promote best practice in your operations
Richard Gowland, Technical Director, EUROPEAN PROCESS SAFETY CENTRE


10 critical elements your asset integrity programme needs to include
Dwight Johnston

Asset integrity as a concept is not difficult to understand. Maintaining the equipment you install in fit-for-purpose condition for the desired length of service is not inherently difficult. However, significant and persistent challenges remain in ensuring your asset integrity strategy is a success both in design and in implementation. So what can you do to overcome these challenges? And what do you need to build into your asset integrity programme to ensure their impact is minimized? Using Shell’s own integrity programme to illustrate his points - Dwight will share the lessons of more than 20 years in the asset integrity field, outlining:

  • The technical integrity, design integrity and operating integrity factors your asset integrity strategy needs to include
  • What are the principle implementation lessons learned from 20 years as an asset integrity specialist?
  • How you can avoid the most common mistakes made in the design and implementation of a successful asset integrity programme
Dwight Johnston, Global Asset Integrity/Process Safety Manager, SHELL


Building internal capability to ensure effective integrity implementation across disciplines
Brian Balmer

One of the critical challenges involved in making an asset integrity strategy successful is ensuring that the required capability is present across the multiple disciplines which integrity touches. This requires a fundamental shift beyond merely compliance to focus increasingly on the softer, attitude-driven behavior and competencies which will ultimately determine your strategy’s success. Drawing upon his experience at the heart of the integrity division of ADMA, Brian Balmer will consider the mechanical integrity aspects of asset integrity and outline:

  • Developing understanding of equipment function and risk
  • Using organization development to assist in focus on equipment risk identification and assessment
  • Developing the organizational know why and what to improve equipment integrity status
  • Looking to improving competence through communication and alignment with equipment risk
Brian Balmer, IM Framework Project Manager – Integrity Department, ADMA


Overcoming the Most Critical Challenges of Asset Life Extension
John Morgan
Nigel Robinson

There is a point in every asset's life where the cost of continuing operations outweighs the gain. As assets age and production profiles decline – project economics are squeezed. The added pressure on replacement and maintenance budgets can result in curtailed life expectancy or divestment.

But what if the situation can be reversed – by improving the asset utilization and implementing pro-active equipment improvements? What if the expected life of the asset can be prolonged?

Oil and gas operators around the world are actively tackling these issues. There is now a wealth of experience available to preserve the asset – well past its original design life. This presentaiton will discuss:

  • Practical steps you can use to ensure your asset produces with optimum availability and reliability
  • Proven, pro-active strategies you can use to maximize the life expectancy of the plant or platform topsides and structure
  • How you can create an environment for progressive life extension
John Morgan, Head of Consultancy and Compliance, GL NOBLE DENTON
Nigel Robinson, Vice President - Integrity Management Services, GL NOBLE DENTON


A step by step approach to building ‘inherent safety’ into your asset and pipeline integrity strategy
Richard Pocock

‘Inherent safety’ is about improving design to eliminate, minimize and avoid hazards and risk, rather than simply controlling or managing them. Whilst a laudable aim in theory, applying this concept in practice, across a variety of facilities in a range of operating environments poses a number of critical challenges. In this presentation, Richard Pocock – who has overall responsibility for the process by which Woodside Energy manages integrity on an organizational level - will share the lessons learned from its experience in successfully linking inherent safety and asset integrity in to the fabric of the company. It will include:

  • Overcoming the key barriers to success in effectively incorporating inherent safety into your asset integrity strategy
  • Changing your organizational culture to increase the visibility and corporate buy-in to successfully embed integrity as a core value
  • Steps you can take to maintain the momentum and enhance the impact of your integrity activities
Richard Pocock, Senior Integrity and Safety Risk Manager, WOODSIDE ENERGY


What works - and what doesn’t - in deploying an organization-wide integrity plan
Nabil Mourad

The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operation (ADCO) spent several years developing its Asset integrity management System (AIMS) and the deployment of an extensive organization-wide asset integrity implementation plan, finally launching the system for implementation in 2008. In the two and a half years since, the integrity team has been focused exclusively on effective implementation, and in the process has learned a number of valuable lessons. This presentation will outline ADCO’s approach to both design and deployment of AIMS, as well as sharing the key challenges, and some critical recommendations for the way forward for the industry. The presentation will address:

  • Practices to ensure you achieve the penetration and realize the value you are looking to deliver from your Asset Integrity program
  • Critical success factors during design and deployment to ensure implementation success
  • How to face the most common challenges in asset integrity implementation
Nabil Mourad, Integrity Advisor, ADCO


BONUS CONTENT - Driving behavioural change in Shell to achieve asset integrity success
Matt Wood

As an exclusive value-add, the three highest-rated presentations from Oil & Gas IQ’s global Asset Integrity physical event portfolio in 2010 will be made available, on-demand, for attendees to view in their own time throughout the event from May 09 to May 25. These highlights include:


Matt Wood of Shell reveals how you can effectively deliver a system of integrity performance transparency which ensures both the safety of your staff and the maintenance of your assets. He outlines how you can ensure essential risk information is communicated throughout your business and how this can be leveraged into achieving lasting behavioural change.

Matt Wood, Principal Engineer, Maintenance & Integrity Delivery, Europe, SHELL


BONUS CONTENT - Introducing TTS - a technical integrity system to assess assets' integrity
Roald Gunnar Riise

As an exclusive value-add, the three highest-rated presentations from Oil & Gas IQ’s global Asset Integrity physical event portfolio in 2010 will be made available, on-demand, for attendees to view in their own time throughout the event from May 09 to May 25. These highlights include:


Roald Gunnar Riise of Statoil explores the implementation of a new system which was introduced to assess the technical integrity of assets within Statoil. During the course of the presentation, Roald outlines the implementation strategy, the lessons learned from the experience, and how Statoil believes the system plays a major role in both preventing major accidents and preserving technical integrity.

Roald Gunnar Riise, Vice President, STATOIL


BONUS CONTENT - What asset integrity lessons can we learn from recent incidents around the world?
Carlos Tan

As an exclusive value-add, the three highest-rated presentations from Oil & Gas IQ’s global Asset Integrity physical event portfolio in 2010 will be made available, on-demand, for attendees to view in their own time throughout the event from May 09 to May 25. These highlights include:


Carlos Tan of ENOC takes a look at the implications for asset integrity and process safety beyond Buncefield, referring to the UK oil storage terminal explosion and fire which took place in 2005. He draws parallels with this and other incidents around the world, and explores exactly what operating companies need to be doing to ensure we avoid a repeat of the incident.






Carlos Tan, Group EHS Advisor, ENOC



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Ingbjørn Refsdal


Ingbjørn Refsdal is a Vice President at Statoil, responsible for the company’s Technical Integrity Management Programme (TIMP) and for modifications across its core assets. Ingbjørn has over 25 years experience in a variety of oil and gas operational positions offshore and onshore, with Statoil since 1995 and prior to this with Amoco.

Speaking on: Statoil’s step change in managing technical integrity: “The story so far”


Christian Perrollet


Christian Perrollet plays a global role in the management of integrity within TOTAL and brings the experience of almost 35 years in the oil and gas business. Christian developed 18 years operational experience in Norway, France and UK, as Head of Inspection and Facilities Integrity. More recently he was in charge of developing Total’s E&P Integrity Referential, conducting Integrity Audits and has been especially involved in the development of Risk Based Inspection in all Total affiliates. Before returning to Total in 2009, Christian was seconded to ADCO where he played a leading role in the development of its successful AIMS Project.

Speaking on: Practical steps you can take to achieve asset integrity implementation success across multiple countries


Jerome DeLaCruz


Jerome DeLaCruz is the Asset & Operating Integrity Supervisor for the ConocoPhillips Upstream Mid-Continent Business Unit based in Midland, Texas. Jerome has experience across the United States, as well as in the UAE and Norway focused on operating assets and facilities engineering. Jerome began his career with ARCO Oil & Gas in Houston, Texas in 1985. He held a number of facilities and production engineering positions before joining Conoco in New Orleans, Louisiana where, for the next 10 years, he held a number of facilities and project engineering and supervisor positions allowing him to develop a holistic perspective on asset and operating integrity.

Speaking on: A step by step guide to accelerating asset, pipeline and operating integrity in legacy assets


Brett Doherty


Brett Doherty has been responsible for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality RasGas since 2005. His portfolio of responsibilities, in addition to SHE and Quality, includes Loss Prevention and Risk, Integrity Management and Quality, Security, Fire Service, Emergency Response and Business Continuity. Mr Doherty has over 24 years post-graduate experience, predominantly in the oil and gas industry, occupying a variety of roles in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of these facilities. Prior to his current position, he worked as Asset Manager in Operations and before RasGas worked in Australia for Santos overseeing asset management of oil and gas production facilities and pipelines.

Speaking on: Managing integrity in a rapidly evolving business: An industry-leading best practice guide


Colin Dyer


Colin has worked for 30 years in many Shell EP upstream oil and gas operations and held senior positions in Maintenance, Commissioning, Production Operations and Operations Readiness & Assurance for major project maturation and execution. Colin’s current focus is Asset Integrity Process Safety Management within the Middle East region of Shell EP and Colin is a member of Shell's Global Asset Integrity team.

Speaking on: Panel discussion: Overcoming the most common inhibitors to integrity success in your operations


Chris Houghton


Chris has background of integrity management and operations management covering more than 35 years. His early career centered on offshore corrosion management and then broadened into operations and integrity management of offshore facilities, structures and pipelines, primarily in the UK and Norwegian North Sea, with both fixed and floating structures, working for Phillips Petroleum and Amoco. Since joining BP in 1995, his recent roles have included Global E&P Network Leader for Integrity Management and Team Leader for BP’s senior technical specialists supporting implementation of the BP Integrity Management Standard across all their upstream operations. Chris is currently the Engineering Authority at BP's operations in Azerbaijan based in Baku

Speaking on: Panel discussion: Overcoming the most common inhibitors to integrity success in your operations


Richard Gowland


Richard Gowland is the Technical Director of the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC). Until the beginning of 2004 he worked for Dow Chemical, initially in engineering, then project management, production management, new technology introduction and finally process safety. His work at EPSC involves researching and promoting best practice, principally in the field of technical integrity. Additionally, through EPSC Richard works with the European Commission on implementation of legislation and on the European Technology Platform for Industrial Safety. Richard's other activities include work on IEC 61511 and layer of protection analysis and process safety management systems

Speaking on: Enhancing safety critical systems to achieve asset integrity success


Dwight Johnston


Dwight Johnston has global responsibility for both asset integrity and process safety within the Shell Upstream business across the Americas, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Over the course of a 32 year career in Shell, over 20 years of which have been spent in the Asset Integrity field, he has focused on both project integrity management and operational integrity management. He is currently located in Shell’s European headquarters in the Netherlands.

Speaking on: 10 critical elements your asset integrity programme needs to include


Brian Balmer


Brian holds the position of Integrity Management Framework project manager with ADMA OPCO based in Abu Dhabi. This project aims to provide a framework of facility equipment integrity management systems to support the management of major hazards. Brian has previously held engineering positions with operating companies including Chevron and BP, contracting company AMEC Offshore, consultancies including Spencer & Partners and Marine Offshore Management Ltd, as Technical Director, and classification societies Lloyds Register Integrity Management and ABS Consulting.

Speaking on: Building internal capability to ensure effective integrity implementation across disciplines


John Morgan


John Morgan leads GL Noble Denton’s Upstream Consultancy and Compliance team in the United Kingdom where he is responsible for the technical safety, asset performance, integrity management and technical assurance. John holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University, and has more than 16 years of technical and commercial management experience in the oil and gas industry. He has a strong track record in quantified risk assessment and has led significant safety programmes for a number of major industry operators – resulting in new assessment methodologies and improved operational and safety performance. John has also completed comprehensive reviews of safety cases in the industry, and directed a range of bespoke client engaging workshops in safety and risk management.

Speaking on: Overcoming the Most Critical Challenges of Asset Life Extension


Nigel Robinson


Nigel Robinson heads up the global Asset Integrity Management service line for GL Noble Denton. In his 21 years with the organisation, Nigel has held engineering and commercial roles in the UK, Malaysia and USA, with responsibility for a portfolio of services that includes integrity management, structural engineering, naval architecture, marine warranty surveying, marine consultancy and DP assurance. Nigel’s engineering foundation is in structural mechanics and its application within the marine environment. He has authored milestone reports on harsh environment and deepwater operations integrity for rigs and floating production units. Nigel is chartered with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and holds a PhD from Cambridge University

Speaking on: Overcoming the Most Critical Challenges of Asset Life Extension


Richard Pocock


Richard is responsible for managing the integrity function within Woodside Energy, and brings more than 20 years’ experience to the role. Richard began his career working with major contractors on petrochemical projects both onshore and offshore, initially as a Process/Utilities Engineer, then as a Fire and Safety Engineer specialising in offshore oil and gas projects. He subsequently spent ten years with Lloyd’s Register as a safety and risk consultant where he was responsible for a wide range of studies for existing and proposed offshore, marine, industrial and transport facilities.

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Nabil Mourad


Nabil has played a key role in founding and developing the integrity systems in ADCO by managing a team of highly experienced engineers from ADCO and consultants for developing the ADCO Asset Integrity Management Systems (AIMS) and Well Integrity Management System (WIMS). He assisted ADCO in establishing its strategy for integrity implementation, articulating the assets’ specific annual integrity plans, conceptualizing the assets integrity health check and leading the change process transforming ADCO from time based into risk based inspection and reliability based maintenance.

Speaking on: What works - and what doesn’t - in deploying an organization-wide integrity plan


Matt Wood


Matt Wood’s role within Shell is that of Principal Engineer, Maintenance & Integrity Delivery, Europe. As such, he is responsible for the delivery and implementation of Shell’s global asset integrity strategy on a region-wide basis. Shell is a recognized leader in asset integrity management across its assets in the more than 90 countries in which it operates, and across the 25 European territories which fall within Matt’s area of responsibility.

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Roald Gunnar Riise


Roald Riise is the Vice President of HSE for all downstream assets for Statoil and is a petroleum engineer by background. Mr. Riise has 32 yrs experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He has worked within drilling and well, subsea developments, and platform operations as OIM/Platform manager, as operations manager and as Vice President for a large asset in the North Sea. For four years he was an asset manager for West Africa before accepting his current position three years ago.

Speaking on: BONUS CONTENT - Introducing TTS - a technical integrity system to assess assets' integrity


Carlos Tan


Carlos is a leading process safety practitioner in the Middle East and Asia and has 26 years experience in HSE protection and emergency response. His current role provides him with the responsibility for shaping the strategic, functional and operational EHS development of systems, manpower, national development and policies/guidelines for the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC). Prior to this, Carlos was the HSE Manager of Petron, the largest oil company in the Philippines where he played a leading role in the successful response to the Guimaras Oil Spill 2006, including contributing recommendations to ensure the incident was not repeated.

Speaking on: BONUS CONTENT - What asset integrity lessons can we learn from recent incidents around the world?